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In the region where it’s located, the building of Ottopera Hotel is one of the most beautiful and attractive examples of the 19th century Greek Architecture. Ottopera Hotel brings Turkish motifs and modernism together, the mission of the hotel is to make the guest’s experience as unique as Istanbul.

Restoration of the Ottopera Hotel was completed in December 2012 and with its new outlook in accordance with the original one offers a new generation luxury accommodation and a home comfort.

One of the most charming feature of the Ottopera Hotel is providing breakfast to our exclusive guests without any time limitation. Our guests have the precedence of waking up late and having their breakfast whenever and however they request.

There are 16 hotel rooms in the main hotel building, 1 studio and 1+1 apart in the outbuilding with the same architectural features and these different accommodation options are all waiting for our distinguished guests.

We want to make our guests feel genuinely welcomed and honored with our hospitality, daily cleaning, unlimited Wi-Fi services and stuff suitable for daily use like shampoo, shower gel, hair dryer, air conditioning, TV…

Ottopera Hotel is located in the European side of the city. When you choose to stay at our hotel, you gain the chance to be in the city centre. The Taksim square and Taksim metro station is 300 meters long from the hotel and it is so easy and accesible to travel all around the city.

Our hotel provides a special transfer possibility while departing and arriving or the Taksim Havataş, the public airport transportation, station is in walking distance.

Making you feel like home and safe is the most important thing for us. Simply because, friendly and cheerful Ottopera Hotel staff is around to do their best to help you, company you, meet your needs and make your visit to Istanbul as the most comfortable and most peaceful way at all hours of the day and night.

We are very eager to welcome you and so thankful for choosing us as your company….

Ottopera Hotel